Why radiographs, and why does digital make a difference?

Why take a radiograph?

The technology of radiographs have improved diagnosis and treatments in the animal world greatly.  Animals are unique in the sense they are not able to share the "whole" story with us when they are not feeling well.  When a physical is not enough, radiographs are very helpful in assisting with a diagnosis.  

What can my pet expect during a radiograph?

Depending on what we are imaging, your pet may have to lay on its side or their back on a comfy surface.  Pets need to hold still for just a few seconds during the exposure process.  Majority of animals do great and do not need any additional medications to help with the service.  The exception to this would be animals coming in for certification radiographs.  Due to the exact positioning needed, these patients usually have a helper medication to make it less stressful.

Why does digital matter?

Having digital capabilities have made radiographs so much nicer for our pets.  Digital radiographs can be imaged almost as fast as we take them.  Digital radiographs also can be adjusted to evaluate them on multiple different planes.  Film radiographs unfortunately are not available until 10+ min, and if not quite what is needed, your patient must go through the process again.